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Si Beau Si Belle SL is an umbrella company where you can find all the services of Lemon8, ProActivo, Photography By Phil and InmoRed.

Lemon8 is a dynamic company that can already look back on more than 17 years of experience. An experience that has always put the user and customer first. We therefore look at all projects, questions and / or problems from the point of view of both the customer and the end user and offer our customers the most optimal and budget-friendly interpretation of their ICT needs. This to ensure the appearance, professional look and availability of his company; to find exactly thàt puzzle piece that fits perfectly in the support process of its business activities.

The customer central attitude combines trust and openness as key drivers. At Lemon8 you will find friendly craftsmanship with refreshing experiences in various IT domains. Here we do not opt for experiments but for reliable and sustainable solutions with optimal return on investment for each project. Worry-free ICT for our customers is what passionates us.

Lemon8 focuses on small businesses and sole traders or individuals with IT-issues or -questions.

But we go much further than that!

In cooperation with our companies ProActivo and InmoRed we can supervise the sale or purchase of your property from A to Z; we take care of the photo shoot of homes and keep the maintainance of the InmoRed website inhouse so that it is always up to date and you can relax in all areas.

For competing colleagues we can also provide all the desired information and images for their website so that they can be delivered in a professional manner.

InmoRed offers both new homes and resales throughout the Costa Blanca North and emphasizes that you can enjoy carefree before, during and after your purchase. We guide you with pleasure and that from day 1 to the execution of the notarial deed. After this you can still call on us for other matters such as consulting, key management, mailbox service, moving house, import of your car, and this via ProActivo.

This sister company provides various services to owners of holiday homes for private use and / or rental. We also provide various services to urbanizations. Of course we ensure a good price / quality ratio. Renovation works and maintenance of your home are also part of our offer and we only work with renowned and local craftsmen. If you are interested in a free proposal, we will also be happy to come to you, if you wish!


Web Design

How do you get started?
It may be an overwhelming challenge for self-employed or small businesses to embrace the internet. Lemon8 is ready to guide you through the procedures.
No pre-canned copy-paste websites here. The comfort of the customer and primarily their website visitors is essential. Where Style, Appearance and Layout are key words of this creative process, Design and Content of your website get equal attention.
Evidently, great attention is paid to the latest standards and requirements of a good site: such as adaptability to the screen size of tablets, laptops, desktops and mobiles (RWD). Obviously, your website can be viewed with all browsers, in all versions and screen resolutions.
No matter how complex building and implementing your Dream-Site may seem, our services completely contribute to and support your project.


Graphic Design

Lemon8 ensures that your company will get a professional look, also called corporate identity and house style, virtual or printed. Whether it is: Logo design, stationery, business cards and mail templates it may also include creation of posters, flyers, promotional materials and collages. Lemon8 free-up your time here as well, so You can focus on running Your business.
With Graphic design in place your website can be constructed.


Cloud Integrator

You can read and see it everywhere: we are going to:.. and shall work in:… the future is .. ‘The Cloud’. But what is that exactly? The Cloud is: simply storing data on the Internet.
You probably wonder: “Where is that and is it safe?” There are indeed many providers and unfortunately not all offer save data houses. A primary and vital requirement is to know where ” the Cloud ” of such firms are located. This seems trivial but it is nonetheless a very important aspect. As a European user, it is essential to use Cloud services that are hosted in Europe because of the rules on ownership of the data that you store in that Cloud. Based on our research and experience we suggest that professional Cloud users in Europe are best off with Microsoft’s’ “Office365”. For a small monthly cost they offer a range of services as from Exchange mailbox to professional document management. These services are always accessible with a fixed or mobile internet connection.
For the individual user, Apple offers a budget friendly solution called iCloud.


ICT Consulting

ICT-Consulting is a very crucial aspect in the ICT Business today. Clear, non-nonsense and easy to understand communication is at the start of every effective and long-lasting cooperation.
The objective of the customer determines our priority.
Before we submit proposals or send an offer Lemon8 has to analyze your business process in order to map out your needs. Our experience over the years in various sectors is your best guarantee that we are perfectly able to recommend the right services or products.



We protect what you treasure most so You don’t fall victim to the burglar triple play!
The Effects of a Burglary Can Extend Beyond Property Losses. Most people think about monetary losses when they think of burglaries, but a break-in can also take away your sense of safety, be emotionally taxing, but also physical injuries resulting from violence may occur. Many people who go through the ordeal of a home invasion often suffer from the fear of re-victimization.
Homes with security systems help make your home three times less likely to be burglarized over homes without a monitored security system. Smart technology allows for enhanced features on many security systems available today. When it comes to home security, cutting corners is never a good idea. The cost of investing in a home security system far outweighs the risk of being victimized by a burglary. Make sure you help secure your home with a security system to help you avoid the financial and emotional burden of a robbery.
A security alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion – unauthorized entry – into a building or area. Security alarms are used in residential, commercial, industrial, and military properties for protection against burglary (theft) or property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders.

The Professional Home Security


Design - Logo

Design - Graphic

Web Design


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I am Philippe Bourgeois, a self-taught photographer. There are many self-taught photographers and some of them are very famous. For example, Ansel Adams, one of the best American photographers (the Yosemite National Park). Or Guido Venitucci, a famous actor who also made it as a self-taught photographer. It is possible to be a pretty good photographer without a degree. So I also turned my hobby into my profession. And here in Finestrat (Alicante, Spain) the sceneries, the climate and the atmosphere make this the perfect location to surprise you with the most amazing pics, made with the most advanced material and the biggest passion.

I invite you to take a look at my photos and hope that you will enjoy my portfolio!

Visit: Photography By Phil Portfolio


ProActivo provides various services to owners of holiday homes for private use and / or rental. We also provide various services to urbanizations.

Budget friendly

ProActivo stands for a good price / quality ratio. ProActivo has very competitive prices to keep our customers satisfied.


ProActivo is a young dynamic company that wants to grow together with its customers. We are always available for suggestions or additional services towards our customers.mers satisfied.


Key managment

ProActivo takes over your key management. This way you can be sure that u can leave your holiday home with peace of mind and that there is always a key at the location. We inspect your home once every 2 weeks on the in- and outside. After every control we send you an email with all our findings. When problems occur, we can take immediate action and solve the problem as soon as possible, of course after consulting you first. If required, we can arrange certain things for you, f.e. putting out the garden chairs, ventilate or, if necessary, put on the airconditioning/heating so U can arrive in a pleasant environment.


Reception service

ProActivo provide the keys to your holiday home to your tenants and takes it back at reception on departure. This way the tenants that stay in your holiday home have a contact person on the spot if there are any questions or problems. Furthermore, we can show the tenants of your holiday home around the home and provide them with explanations where necessary; f.e. how the alarm or the airconditioning works, etc. If the tenants wish, we provide them a list of attractions, dining/restaurants and shopping nearby.


Preparation purchase

If you wish to purchase a property at the Costa Blanca North Region, it seems appropriate that you first meet the various villages of this region before choosing a specific place to find a suitable home. We work together with several renowned sales agents who can help you in your own language. Once you have chosen your property, we will refer you to our Gestor who then will assist you with mandatory legal affairs, compile or review the provisional purchase contract, review and modify the deed of sale, pending debts on the property, taxes and legacy. Buying in a foreign country goes with other rules and laws. This gestor only carries your interests at heart, they work in your assignment, independent of real estate agents and other intermediaries.


Renovation works

Do you want to remodel your home? We are happy to assist you. Certain renovations and/or adjustments can be made for you. Larger renovations are carried out in cooperation with a reputable contractor or a contractor of your choice.

Welcome to InmoRed!

InmoRed is a dynamic real estate office located in the picturesque Finestrat (Alicante), which owes its name to its networking (RED) and passion for real estate. If you are looking for a permanent or holiday home at the Costa Blanca North, and in particular the magical Finestrat, you have come to the right place. This beautiful mountain village offers something for everyone; from quiet to vibrant life, from golfing to sunbathing on the beautiful beach. Thanks to an extensive network of project developers, InmoRed can offer you all new homes in Finestrat and surroundings, at the best prices. In addition, we also offer homes as resale over the entire Costa Blanca North.

Enjoy, we take care of the rest!

InmoRed emphasizes that you can enjoy carefree before, during and after your purchase. InmoRed gladly accompanies you throughout the whole process from A to Z, from day 1 to the execution of the notarial deed. After this you can still call on us for other matters such as consulting, key management, mailbox service, rehousing, import of your car, … Do you require additional information? Interested in a free proposal? Feel free to contact us and make an appointment. If you wish, we are happy to come to you!


For the after-service we have the company ProActivo that can help you with, among other things, key service, renovations and maintenance. Lemon8 also takes care of the photoshoot of properties. Via Lemon8 we can provide all the desired information and images for your website so that they can be delivered in a professional manner. Si Beau Si Belle SL is an umbrella company where you can find all the services of Lemon8, ProActivo and InmoRed. We are at your disposal and would love to hear from you!

Buying & selling

With our clear formulas, you can go to InmoRed for guidance on buying and selling. After an introductory meeting, you immediately have a clear view of the course of events.

After Service

Together with you we can use our network to take care of your home, garden and all other things that are important to you.

Silent sales

Usually we also have homes in the silent sale and on request you will be sent the information. Some of our clients value privacy, so their home is not offered through a website. If we know your housing requirements, we will see if there is suitable accommodation for you.

Latest properties


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