Web Design

It may be an overwhelming challenge for self-employed or small businesses to embrace the internet. Lemon8 is ready to guide you through the procedures.

No pre-canned copy-paste websites here. The comfort of the customer and primarily their website visitors is essential. Where Style, Appearance and Layout are key words of this creative process, Design and Content of your website get equal attention.

Evidently, great attention is paid to the latest standards and requirements of a good site: such as adaptability to the screen size of tablets, laptops, desktops and mobiles (RWD). Obviously, your website can be viewed with all browsers, in all versions and screen resolutions.

No matter how complex building and implementing your Dream-Site may seem, our services completely contribute to and support your project.


Lemon8 ensures that your company will get a professional look, also called corporate identity and house style, virtual or printed. Whether it is: Logo design, stationery, business cards and mail templates it may also include creation of posters, flyers, promotional materials and collages. Lemon8 free-up your time here as well, so You can focus on running Your business.

With Graphic design in place your website can be constructed.


You can read and see it everywhere: we are going to:.. and shall work in:… the future is .. ‘The Cloud’. But what is that exactly? The Cloud is: simply storing data on the Internet. You probably wonder: “Where is that and is it safe?” There are indeed many providers and unfortunately not all offer save data houses. A primary and vital requirement is to know where ” the Cloud ” of such firms are located. This seems trivial but it is nonetheless a very important aspect. As a European user, it is essential to use Cloud services that are hosted in Europe because of the rules on ownership of the data that you store in that Cloud. Based on our research and experience we suggest that professional Cloud users in Europe are best off with Microsoft’s’ “Office365”. For a small monthly cost they offer a range of services as from Exchange mailbox to professional document management. These services are always accessible with a fixed or mobile internet connection.For the individual user, Apple offers a budget friendly solution called iCloud.


ICT-Consulting is a very crucial aspect in the ICT Business today. Clear, non-nonsense and easy to understand communication is at the start of every effective and long-lasting cooperation. The objective of the customer determines our priority.

Before we submit proposals or send an offer Lemon8 has to analyze your business process in order to map out your needs. Our experience over the years in various sectors is your best guarantee that we are perfectly able to recommend the right services or products.


We protect what you treasure most so You don’t fall victim to the burglar triple play!

The Effects of a Burglary Can Extend Beyond Property Losses. Most people think about monetary losses when they think of burglaries, but a break-in can also take away your sense of safety, be emotionally taxing, but also physical injuries resulting from violence may occur. Many people who go through the ordeal of a home invasion often suffer from the fear of re-victimization.

Homes with security systems help make your home three times less likely to be burglarized over homes without a monitored security system. Smart technology allows for enhanced features on many security systems available today. When it comes to home security, cutting corners is never a good idea. The cost of investing in a home security system far outweighs the risk of being victimized by a burglary. Make sure you help secure your home with a security system to help you avoid the financial and emotional burden of a robbery.

A security alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion – unauthorized entry – into a building or area. Security alarms are used in residential, commercial, industrial, and military properties for protection against burglary (theft) or property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders.